A better life for sensitive skin

Jar products and sensitive skin

A product contained in a jar is likely to have more and more contact with the air and the hands. As a result, a greater concentration of preservatives is required in order to preserve the formula over time. This process conflicts with the demands of the most sensitive skins, which require a formula with a minimum of ingredients. Therefore, in accordance with their commitment to sensitive skins, the La Roche-Posay laboratories have always chosen to make their treatments available in tubes.

The very first product in a jar by La Roche-Posay

Now La Roche-Posay has pushed its own boundaries by offering its very first treatment in a jar containing no more preservatives than in tube formulas: this is NUTRITIC Intense Riche. This accomplishment represents the culmination of a series of innovations. Thanks to a minimalist formula, a well-balanced mixture of ingredients and the perfect amount of preservatives, sensitive skins will benefit from a treatment with its properties kept meticulously intact. Now they can also enjoy this unique sensorial experience.

The balm with an ultra-sensual feel

NUTRITIC Intense Riche. This has an innovative texture: both firm and creamy at the same time. Its soft balmy feel is unique both in lightness and freshness, like a breath of air. As a result of its strictly selected ingredients, the balm melts and turns into a cool fluid on its contact with the skin. It penetrates instantly, giving an immediate feeling of comfort and protection, while remaining non-greasy and easy to use in your daily life. It fuses sensually with the skin for an unprecedented experience.

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