A better life for sensitive skin

1 - Cleanse

First and foremost, even for those who don’t wear makeup!

Why? A cleansing routine is not the sole reserve of those who wear makeup. Without a doubt it allows all traces of makeup to dissolve, but it also removes all the impurities that have accumulated throughout the day such as dust and pollution.
How? Using a Milk or an Oil, make long massaging movements with your fingers to activate your circulation and to stimulate your skin.

2 - Rinse

Sometimes water is on your side!

Why? It is true that water is often not advisable for use on very dry skin, but after cleansing it is important to remove any final traces of oils and impurities. If rinsing in hard water, it is preferable to use micellar gel cleanser.
How? Wash gently using a very mild lipid-enriched cleansing bar or gel designed for dry skin, rinsing thoroughly, and pat dry. If using micellar gel cleanser, apply over the whole face with fingertips, and then wipe dry using cosmetic pads. Repeat until the skin is perfectly clean.

3 – Finalise your cleansing routine with a lotion

Finish on a smooth note!

Why? Last but not least, a lotion can soften the calcium hardness of water which can leave an unpleasant feeling of tightness. It also has the effect of toning and strengthening the skin.
How? Apply a non-astringent lotion over entire face using a cosmetic pad, (but avoid rubbing!)

However, a word of warning! Only carry out this daily routine once per day, preferably in the evening. Throughout the night the hydrolipid barrier restores itself. It is better to preserve this.  In the morning just spritz your face with some thermal spa water. Spray it on, wait a few moments, and then pat lightly to dry off any excess. There you go! Your skin is now prepared to fully benefit from your care.

Did you know?

A gentle exfoliation every two weeks will boost the radiance of your skin, freeing it from dead cells and dry patches, and stimulating micro-circulation. Complementing this with a nourishing mask and moisturiser is the little beauty secret that will restore its smoothness and elasticity.

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