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Choosing the right moisturizer

You always moisturize the skin on your face?

The cause of dry and sensitive skin: an impaired barrier function

When the skin is dry, it is more sensitive to external aggressors. As a result, it is irritated, feels tight, and becomes really uncomfortable.

Dry body skin

In order to restructure the cutaneous barrier in dry skin, it is essential to effectively replenish moisture.

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“Comfortable skin makes daily life much more comfortable!”

When she was young, Alexandra had dry skin. She still does. Luckily, moisturising creams effectively restore comfort to her skin!

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4%is the niacinamide concentration of the LIPIKAR Gel-Fluide formula.

10%is the hydra-replenishing complex concentration of LIPIKAR Gel-Fluide.

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Light textures do not provide optimal hydration for dry and sensitive skin


Dry and sensitive skin treatments are not pleasant to use


It is normal to experience tight, pulling sensations after a shower

Dry skin feels tight, especially after a shower and particularly in regions with hard water.  To minimize skin discomfort, we recommend that you use a gentle, soap-free cleanser and shower in lukewarm water.

Tight, pulling sensations are much more frequent during the winter.

Our skin tends to become drier during the cold months. As a result, pickling and tight, pulling sensations are more common during the winter. This is why it is important to effectively moisturise our skin when the temperatures are low.  This is particularly true for our hands, which are increasingly exposed to the cold.

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