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The eye and
its contour:
a very sensitive area

Very thin and subject to numerous stresses, the eye contour is one of the most sensitive areas of the face. To protect it, gentleness is crucial.

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Eye make-up: a minimal risk of irritation and allergies

Interview with a dermatologist who discusses the use of make-up on sensitive areas around the eyes.

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« Make-up for sensitive skin is a success! »

After a while, Anna's eyes could hardly tolerate anything…until she discovered a different kind of make-up.

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The statistic - 50% : That is the percentage of women ...

50 % That is the percentage of women who report they have sensitive eyes. This sensitivity takes the form of itching, watering eyes, redness, dry eyes, etc.

Source: IPSOS, 2007, Europe: panel of 10,000 people.

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Products for sensitive eyes do not offer optimal results

Thanks to a rigorous selection of ingredients, make-up for sensitive eyes ensures optimal comfort. At the same time, it also delivers an outstanding beauty impact: intense colours for eye shadows, volume and/or length for mascara... and in all cases, the products have impeccable hold and colours that do not fade.


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