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All you ever wanted to know about skin and dermatological disorders.

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10 habits to help you take care of your skin on an everyday basis.

Some habits are essential in order to care for your skin and have a radiant complexion all year long.

5 golden rules to optimal beauty treatment

Even if beauty procedures seem to be commonplace these days, some precautions must still be an integral part of the process.

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Specific anti-aging
problems of sensitive skin

Do you have sensitive skin? If so, you will no doubt agree that it’s not always easy finding anti-aging skincare that meets all your needs.

Anti-aging care
for sensitive skin:
Directions for use

Often intolerant of conventional anti-wrinkle skincare products, sensitive skin is less well prepared for resisting the passage of time. In addition to wrinkles and loss of firmness, it is subject to persistent redness that makes it less uniform. Today, specific treatments have been developed to meet all the anti-aging needs of sensitive skin.

caused by skin ageing

A major concern for women, wrinkles are one of the signs of ageing. Understanding the processes involved in their appearance helps to target the most suitable treatments.

The eye contour:
handle with care!

Do you want to attenuate crow's feet? Erase signs of tiredness? Smooth your eye contour?

The eye contour
One of women's leading
concerns in the
anti-aging combat.

When women speak about being concerned by the first signs of aging, the eye contour is mentioned first.

Mature skin: Say no to general loss of volume

You want denser, plump skin that feels full to the touch?

What if
the weather
was no longer
your skin's
worst enemy?

You want to feel good about yourself... despite the passage of time?

3 questions to an expert > [4] results

Skin daily moisturisation is essential.

Interview with a dermatologist about the possibilities to delay the appearance of the signs of skin ageing.

An anti-aging solution
specifically tailored to
the needs of sensitive skin

Fine lines, wrinkles, loss of firmness... in addition to these traditional signs of aging, sensitive skin is also prone to redness, which marks the face. Today, one in two women say they have sensitive skin, it is therefore essential they are provided with solutions for their anti-aging concerns.

Testimonies > [1] result

“I’ve still got
a radiant complexion
…Even in my 40s!"

Without going to extremes and prepared to do anything to stop the ravages of time, Sophie understands the importance of looking after the health and beauty of her skin.

Enlightened by science > [1] result

Cellular oxidation, a major process of skin ageing

A major process of skin ageing, oxidative stress damages both the skin’s epidermal and dermal cells and contributes to their degeneration.

Key Figure > [3] results

Key Figure - 2/3 L'exposition aux rayons UV ...

2/3 This represents how much of skin ageing can be attributed to UV ray exposure.

Source : Barbara Gilchrest (M.D. School of Medicine, Boston University).

5%The concentration of pure vitamin C contained in the new Redermic [C].

1 in 2This is the number of women in the world who claim to have sensitive skin*.

True or False ? > [3] results

Retinol can be used on sensitive skin


Vitamin C is a powerful anti-aging active ingredient, perfectly suited to sensitive skin


A deterioration in the quality of the complexion is a sign of ageing

Loss of radiance and evenness in the complexion are the first ravages left by time. From the age of 30, melanin, which gives the skin its colour, is more unevenly distributed. The skin’s surface appears dull and uneven. It doesn’t reflect light as well and the complexion looks more uneven.


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