Toleriane Ultra Light

Intense soothing Fluid

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Toleriane Ultra Light packshot from Toleriane, by La Roche-Posay

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“ Toleriane Ultra Light ”

It is my first time using La Roche-Posay's product and I am very impressed. The Toleriane Ultra Light is great for my sensitive skin. It is light, not sticky at all, easily absorbed by the skin and moisturising. I do feel the difference after applying it for a week. My skin feels more calm, less irritation and no redness. Review originally posted on


“ Great on the overall! ”

Feels light on the skin with the redness dwn to the minimum! Review originally posted on


“ It's so good ”

Tried for a week. The product is light and skin felt quite relax and not too oily. It's quite convenient to use too. Review originally posted on



“ Great product ”

I have very sensitive skin that is flaky and itchy in certain spots and this product was excellent in calming these patches. I love the fact that the texture is light and non oily which is great for our humid climate. The only area of improvement is the smell of the lotion which I find smells like petroleum. Review originally posted on


“ Sensitive skin’s best friend! ”

Finally found a moisturizer that soothes and comforts my sensitive skin. It keeps it well-hydrated but never oily or shiny. I love that it has no scent and has a light texture but creamy enough to moisturize effectively without causing irritation or redness. I had stress urticaria (a condition that causes red itchy rashes) for a few days BEFORE I started using this product. This helped calm my skin and relieved the itch. I use 1 pump for my face and 1 pump for my neck in the morning, then 2 pumps each at night. I would give it a 10-Star rating if I could! Review originally posted on


“ Review toleriane ultra light ”

Thank you for giving me the opportunity to try out this amazing product. I have dehydrated acne prone skin and I've been finding the best hydrating yet lightweight moisturizer in the market for years! This is now my HG moisturizer as it is sooo lightweight and hydrating. I tried it with a moisture analyzer and my moisture level increase by 23.5%!! Oh, and the packaging of this product is wonderful. The body is translucent so you are able to tell how much product is left and when to get a new one. A twist and turn pump system is very hygienic and spillage free. Best of all, it comes in 40ml which is excellent for travelling. Im so going to bring this along when I travel :) Review originally posted on

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