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Anthelios(13 products)

Adapted textures : for every indication, every skin type, and every type of exposure.
For effective protected skin all year round.

*Subject to sun intolerance, commonly known as sun-allergy.

Cicaplast(3 products)

CICAPLAST Range favors an accelerated repair of sensitive irritated or altered skin.

Thermal spring water (1 product)

The soothing, softening power of a water naturally rich in antioxidant Selenium.
La Roche-Posay THERMAL SPRING WATER: the essential step to treating sensitive or irritated skin. Its virtues have been demonstrated in clinical trials conducted in collaboration with teams of dermatologists.

Effaclar(9 products)

With over 25 years of dermatological expertise in oily skin, Effaclar offers breakthrough solutions for acne and oily skin, developed with dermatologists for fast visible results. Effaclar formulas are tested to be suitable on sensitive skin and trusted by dermatologists and beauty insiders.

Hydraphase(2 products)

The long-lasting moisturiser for long-lasting comfort

Lipikar(5 products)

Laboratoires La Roche-Posay created LIPIKAR 20 years ago. This range of body products for dry skin among adults and children has proved effective in a number of clinical trials, establishing it as a market-leader in emollient products.

23222LIPIKAR Gel Lavant00LipikarBody|Baby/Cleanse|Cleanse|Cleanse|Sensitive Dry or Eczema-prone Body Skin|Sensitive, Dry And Uncomfortable SkinBody|BabyCleanse|Cleanse|Cleanse|Sensitive Dry or Eczema-prone Body Skin|Sensitive, Dry And Uncomfortable Skin
LIPIKAR Gel Lavant packshot from Lipikar, by La Roche-Posay

Redermic(3 products)

Cutting-edge dermatological anti-aging active ingredients adapted to the specific needs of sensitive skin

Respectissime(1 product)

For over 10 years, Laboratoires La Roche-Posay have made it their mission to always strive to minimise skin and eye reactions to their products.
RESPECTISSIME therefore offers make-up removal that respects the physiology of the sensitive eye zone.

High tolerance. Fragrance-free. Tested on sensitive eyes and contact lens wearers.

Physiological cleansers (5 products)

PHYSIOLOGICAL MAKE-UP REMOVERS cleanse sensitive skin while respecting its physiological balance.

Toleriane(13 products)

The TOLERIANE range contains High Tolerance products formulated with a minimum of ingredients to limit the risks of allergies. Extreme, instant and lasting comfort, fragrance-, preservative- and alcohol-free to soothe damaged or irritated skin.

10826Toleriane Softening Foaming Gel00TolerianeFace/Cleanse the face|Toleriane productsFaceCleanse the face|Toleriane products
Toleriane Softening Foaming Gel packshot from Toleriane, by La Roche-Posay
10824Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser00TolerianeFace/Allergic skin|Cleanse the face|Toleriane productsFaceAllergic skin|Cleanse the face|Toleriane products
Toleriane Dermo-Cleanser packshot from Toleriane, by La Roche-Posay
10833Toleriane Ultra445TolerianeFace/Allergic skin|Moisturize / Reduce reactivity|Toleriane Ultra productsFaceAllergic skin|Moisturize / Reduce reactivity|Toleriane Ultra products
Toleriane Ultra packshot from Toleriane, by La Roche-Posay

Serozinc (1 product)

For oil control and acne soothing

10888Serozinc35SerozincFace|Baby/Nourish / Soothe|Nourish / Soothe|Soothe / Purify|Tone the faceFace|BabyNourish / Soothe|Nourish / Soothe|Soothe / Purify|Tone the face
Serozinc packshot from Serozinc, by La Roche-Posay

Uvidea XL (4 products)

Daily protection against UVA rays that penetrate the skin all-year long, even in cloudy weather or in the city.
Contains La Roche-Posay thermal spring water, with soothing and anti-oxidant properties.

*High tolerance tested on Asian sensitive skin under dermatological control.

Pigmentclar(3 products)

* The serum's anti-dark spot efficacy is maintained for up to 3 weeks after treatment cessation (12-week treatment) - Cosmeto-clinical study on 30 subjects.

Hyalu B5 (1 product)

Vitamin C (1 product)

Pure Vitamin C is the most biologicaly active forme of Vitamin C. Renowned for its capacities to stimulate and produce collagen and elastin via fibroblastes, it improves skin texture. It is also the anti-oxydant the most present in natural skin.
PURE VITAMIN C10 serum reveals sensitive skin's full radiance. It prevents and corrects skin ageing, improving skin quality and texture. The other products of the range complement the care for a more radiant and firm looking skin.

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