Effaclar K (+)

Renovating care anti-oxidation, anti-imperfection and anti-sebum 8h for adult acne-prone skin.
Skin is renovated, refined, released from recurrent blackheads.

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    From the very 1st application, skin is purified for an all day clean & fresh skin sensation. 
    Exfoliates and hydrates to progressively transform the skin's surface, leaving the skin feeling smoother and fresher. Regulates combination to oily skin, helps reduce visibility of blackheads and improve skin texture and shine. 

    40ml nozzle tube modern and expert with outer package.


    The essential skincare of adult imperfection-prone skin, especially women. Well tolerated, allergy tested, non comedogenic. Suitable for sensitive skin.
    Tested on oily imperfection-prone skin. For blackheads, irregular skin texture, excess shine, dirty skin feel that intensifies over the course of the day.

    From the very first application, skin is detoxified and purified for a healthy and fresh skin feel that lasts all day long. After just 1 month, skin is transformed: skin texture is smoothed, pores are unclogged and shine is controlled. Proven anti-recurrence effect on imperfection and blackheads.
    Guaranteed moisture and comfort for the rest of the day. Skin is mattified, imperfections are faded. Skin looks fresh and healthy all day long.

    • Carnosine: protects skin by interrupting the first stages of oxydation process.
    • Airlicium™ revolution anti-sebum 8hr: A new molecule able to absorb 150 times its volume in sebum.
    • LHA and salicylic acid micro-exfoliates without irritating. Cleanses and unclogs pores and stops them from becoming blocked again.

    Product efficacy

    EFFACLAR K(+) provides a new anti-oxidation and anti-sebum action with the combination of Carnosine + Vitamin E and Airlicium™ (this ingredient also delivers a beautiful matte finish). It still provides a keratolytic action with LHA and Salicylic acid and a anti-sebum action with Sebulyse.

    • -34% of blackheads in only 8 weeks*
    • 94% of women think that the skin texture is refined in 8 weeks*
    • 8 hours anti-sebum efficacy**
    • 8 hours mattifying effect***

    *Clinical study on 55 subjects.
    **24 caucasian women, 18-50 years old with oily skin on the face.
    ***SAMBA test: 2caucasian women, 20-50 years old, phototype I to III with oily and shiny skin on the face.

    Texture & application

    The new aquagel texture is ultra-light but also very comfortable. Quickly absorbed ultra-fresh and non-oily aquagel texture. All-day moisturisation and comfort.The phenomenal effaclar K(+) texture results from a seemingly crazy idea : integrating the most absorbent of molecules AIRLICIUM™ within a «wet» texture! The incredible lightness of this unique gel envelops skin with infinite softness, with no heaviness or «suffocating» feel.

    Apply to whole face morning and/or evening after cleansing skin with EFFACLAR Foaming gel. Avoid the eye contour. Excellent make-up base.

    A texture acclaimed by women*.
    91% of women appreciated the texture.
    96% found it fresh.
    96% said it left skin soft and smooth.

    *CUT May-June 2014, France
    Effaclar K (+) packshot from Effaclar, by La Roche-Posay

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    Anti-oxidant to prevent oily skin oxidation.


    A new molecule able to absorb 150 times its volume in sebum.


    Targeted keratolytic activity and uncloggs pores.

    Our safety commitments

    Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.