Micro-peeling purifying gel

For Face, Chest & Back Acne

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  • Teenagers & Adults
  • Face & Body
  • Acne-prone skin
  • Allergy tested

With the highest percentage of salicylic acid (2%) in the La-Roche Posay Effaclar range, the Micro-Peeling Purifying Gel unclogs pores from dead cells with proven efficacy on face, chest and back acne.

Bottle with pump 400 ml - Tube 200ml


For persistent imperfections.

Favorizing the elimination of dead cells without irritation, EFFACLAR Micro-peeling gel helps remove impurities and excess sebum and deeply unclogs pores. It reduces the visibility of blackheads and controls shine. Leaves skin soft, clean and refreshed.

After 4 weeks of usage, 

  • -51% pimples
  • -16% blackheads
  • -57% pigmented marks
The product continued to be efficient on pimples and marks even after two weeks after stopping its application. 

*Consumer test protocol: 52 women, results after 4 weeks of treatment, once daily application; counting of lesions by a dermatologist, sebum evaluation done with SEBUTAPE.

Formula tested under dermatological control.
Hypoallergenic. Physiological pH. Tested on oily acne-prone skin. Allergy-tested.

Product efficacy

Assessment by subjects with acne-prone skin*:

- The skin is smoother: 98%
- The product does not leave the skin oily: 98%
- The fragrance of the product is pleasant: 99%

Proven anti-recurrence efficacy 2 weeks after the end of the product application on imperfections and marks.

* Cosmeto-clinical study. 52 subjects, tolerance assessed by dermatologists. Used 1 time per day for 4 weeks.

Texture & application

Comfortable gel texture. Non-sticky. 

Lather the gel between wet hands and apply by massaging the skin gently. Rinse thoroughly.
Effaclar  Micro-peeling purifying gel packshot from Effaclar, by La Roche-Posay

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Deeply unclogs pores & clears severe imperfections.


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