Micellar Water Ultra Reactive Skin

For Reactive Skin. High cleansing efficacy and gentle cleansing ingredients selected for an optimal tolerance. 

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    Cleanses skin and removes make-up.
    Anti-tightness and anti-redness.
    Tested on reactive and sensitive skin.

    Clear PET 200ml - 400ml capsule bottle

    Recommended Retail Price: 200ml at $19.90, 400ml at $32.90


    Reactive skin

    • Removes perfectly make-up, impurities and dirt.
    • Boosted rate of Glycerin up to 5% for an ultra-comfortable smooth-glide texture
    • Leaves the skin clean and clear without drying.
    • Anti-tightness, anti-redness, anti-heating sensation.
    • Skin regains its comfort.
    • Hydrating power.
    No soap. No colorants. No alcohol. No parabens.

    Texture & application

    Step 1: Using a cotton pad, press gently on eye area and hold on for 5 seconds
    Step 2: Avoid horizontal or circular gestures. Wipe in 1 broad stroke
    Step 3: Then start again with lips. With new cotton pads, move from chin upwards to cheek
    Step 4: Lastly, finish off with wiping your forehead

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    Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.