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NewToleriane Ultra Dermallergo
0,1% Neurosensine Serum

Daily soothing hydrating serum

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  • Adults
  • Ultra-sensitive to allergy-prone skin
  • Face
  • Alcohol-free, Fragrance-free

Daily soothing serum ultra-concentrated in Neurosensine. The daily drop of power to immediately and intensely relieve skin discomforts and to repair skin barrier in an optimal tolerance to minimize the risk of skin reactions. For allergic or ultra-sensitive skin (redness, tingling, heating sensations).

Recommended Retail Price: $46.90


Suitable for allergic and ultra-sensitive skin.

Immediately, sensitive skin is soothed, reinforced, and hydrated up to 48h.

Enriched in NeurosensineTM , a dermatological active ingredient that blocks pain sensations to relieve skin sensitivity. Repairs and reinforces skin barrier to limit the penetration of allergens.

0% fragrance/alcohol. Tested on sensitive and allergic skin. Ophtalmologist tested. Non-comedogenic.

Product efficacy

Test results:

48hr hydration*
Repair skin barrier even after 1hr**

Reduction of skin reactivity***
-67% stinging sensations
-53% dryness
-46% desquamation

*Corneometry evaluation, n=24, 20-66 y.o. dry skin on the anterior side of the forearms.
** Tewameter TM300 evaluation at T0 and T1h on treated and non-treated area, 24 women, 22-65 y.o.
***Clinical evaluation by Dermatologists, n=52 subjects with sensitive skin, 4 weeks, 2 applications a day.

Texture & application

Ultra-fresh non-sticky serum texture. Easy penetration, without the need of persistent massaging.

Apply to the face, eye contour and neck, morning and evening.

Toleriane Ultra Dermallergo 0,1% Neurosensine Serum  packshot from Toleriane, by La Roche-Posay

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Decreases discomfort. Significantly reduces skin reactivity and sensitivity.


Boosts skin barrier reinforcement.


Calms and reduces skin irritation.

Our safety commitments

Safety standards beyond international cosmetics regulations.